Lee Jong Suk

Eotokaji? I hate when Lee Jong Suk does aegyo. Whether he’s a pro or he does it intentionally or unintentionally. I don’t like it. Why? Because every time he does that, my world turns upside down. I think I’m having a crush on him now. I mean, he’s always on my list since his drama School 2013. He’s actually at #16. Now, he’s climbing up to top 10!! Waaaah! Why you doing this to me!!! Yaa! Choi Dal Po!!!!! Wae guerae!! >.<

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I like being alone

I like reading alone. When I grab the book, I couldn’t see anything but the book. I mean no disrespect if I didn’t get to talk to you or even glance at you. Sorry but I’m not sorry.

I like walking home alone. It’s not like I’m being brave or what it’s just that it gives me time to think and set my mind free (esp at night).

I like having groceries alone. I wouldn’t explain this 😉

But the fact that I like being alone, I don’t fancy being lonely.

How to register in EXO-L Official Website


Last August 5, 2014 at around 12PM KST, SM announced EXO’s official fanclub name.

EXO-L  is the official fanclub of EXO. EXO-L stands for EXO-LOVE. L is also the letter in between K and M, so it also serves to signify fans who love EXO, a group made up of EXO-K and EXO-M, and carries the meaning that EXO and the fans are one – like EXO’s team slogan ‘We Are One’.

EXO-L also have a homepage (https://exo-l.smtown.com/) as well as a mobile app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smtown.exo_fanclub.androidapp) to begin its recruitment process.


In order to register in the site, you need an email account. You can register in your computer or in your cellphone. You can register in two ways too, using a new account or if you have an account in smtown website.

I registered using my computer, here are the steps that I did:

First go to https://exo-l.smtown.com


Then click…

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The EASIEST WAY on How to register to EXO-L Website

I keep on clicking “Start” still the message doesn’t appear. sigh


Because everybody is going gaga on registering on EXO-L website, I decided to make this post to help those who have problems in registering.

The problem that we usually encounter is the Email Verification. So this guide will help you to skip all those process. Have fun 🙂

Things you need:

Verified Facebook Account or Twitter




First thing to do is to go to https://membership.smtown.com/User

wwwYou can change the language to English if you want. Just click ENGLISH on the top left side of the page.

Then, click the Facebook or twitter button. I used Facebook because it is easier.


Remember to keep refreshing (F5) the page once you get an error message.


In the same browser that you are using, your Facebook account should be logged in.


Once you click the Facebook button, a small pop up page will appear. Click okay to link your Facebook…

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