“Avengers” Review

To be honest, I’m not a fan of action, science fiction or superheroes working together in one film. I like the concept of helping one another in saving the world but gathering all superheroes in a single film? I think it is already an overused story concept. But since “The Avengers” is a story originally created in a comic strip long time ago, I’ll reconsider.

Anyway, what’s the good thing in the movie “Avengers” is that, even though it is created long time ago on a comic book, producers make it a point that it’s still relatable to the viewers.
Scenes with Tony Stark are obvious evidences. Along with his coveted suit are the facilities, apparatuses and high definition computers used which are products of the fast advancement of technology. Actually if you noticed, clicking isn’t the way he manipulates data. Everything he does is just one touch away. The special effects are also good from the SHIELD headquarters, fight scenes down to the flying worms and unidentified creatures. They looked realistic.

I understand that in order for some characters of the movie to look technology savvy, they have to be really technical in terms of the words they are using. However, writers incorporated lots of scientific terms which not everyone could really understand. It results confusion to the viewers, actually. Another, I think Hawkeye’s character played by Jeremy Jenner doesn’t highlight anything in the story. His character works on really fast pacing – from protagonist to villain and vice versa.

Nevertheless, like any other fantasy stories, the Avengers restore the tesseract and eventually save the world. Thanks to the power of teamwork and love to humanity.

The movie isn’t a perfect 10 but for people who have a taste for action-packed movies, this one is a must watch.


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