I thought of describing her in one word which is “simple”. However, as I look at her profile picture on facebook, I said “Simple? Man, I am fooling myself”. Then, right after that, words kept on coming and came up with this.

Notez: Tutal maeedit din naman. Libre lait na ituuuu ❤

          Maria Gloria is a perfect example of modern day Maria Clara. Really. Physically, she seems, in the Filipino term, “di makabasag pinggan”. But actually she’s not. She’s also a living quirky gal and a lover of weird stuffs on earth. 

          A true blue LOVATIC, Doraemon fanatic, food enthusiast (patay gutom), doughnut and frap maven, my number 1 fan, certified stalker with bright eyes, hyper-flushed cheeks and cherry lips (tungunu! Kasinungalingan! 

          But seriously, I admire her for valuing simplicity. She values experiences so much (I think). She’s always open to do something that it is worth her time.

          She is an UNDERSTANDING, obedient daughter. She is someone I can trust and tell anything to her and will keep it a secret. She has the same interest as mine, well, sort of. She’s got long black hair like me but she wears it a lot shorter and yeah mine is healthier 😛 She’s more serious than me so I think I’m her playful counterpart. We have the most random of conversations and it’s very hard to identify which one is serious and which is not.

          She’s fun to be with, always very positive unless she’s hungry. She speaks in complete gibberish but to my surprise I understand what she’s trying to say. She worries a lot about HER love life. And as a friend I take part of her agony whenever she gets dump by enchanted creatures, I mean guys.



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