Things I hate (It will take six Christmas if I’ll mention them all so here’s some :P)

  1. Boredom. Kaya nga nasusulat ko ‘toh kasi bored ako J
  2. Snake, WORMS (esp caterpillars) or anything na gumagapang
  3. When people ask who you are and walk away before you answer
  4. Bossy people who hate bossy people. I guess you hate yourself.
  5. Hypocrites. Enough said.
  6. When you’re with someone close to you and he/she ignore you for unknown reason. Di ka niya kinakausap or kung may sasabihin man idadaan pa niya sa iba.
  7. People who always tell you what to do. (I appreciate some. Pero all the time? Hate it)
  8. Folding laundry
  9. People who post themselves each day. Do you think people forget what you look like? Or maybe you forget what you look like?
  10. When people make it obvious that they’re staring at you.
  11. People who don’t actually listen to you.
  12. When people cuss and it doesn’t make sense. Well, actually I just really don’t like cussing.
  13. Whenever you’re remembering the title of the song at hindi mo talaga maalala (this really happened to me, EVERYTIME!)
  14. People who think they know everything.
  15. Kumukuha ng gamit ng hindi nagpapaalam. REALLY HATE IT.
  16. Trying to be serious, and then smiling
  17. Pulling my hair
  18. The sounds of chalk on a chalk board.
  19. MATH
  20. Mayonnaise, chichiria, balatong and anything spicy
  21. Mean people

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