Less of this… PLEASE


I’m trying not to look. I’m trying not to read all posts that I am seeing everytime I open my facebook and twitter account. I’m trying to convince myself na time nila this year at time ko naman syempre next year. I’m trying not to be bitter about it. I’m trying not to envy them and that event. But the more na iniiwasan ko the more na pumapasok sa utak ko na hindi ko sila kasama magtapos. Medyo awkward. Medyo may tama. Medyo masakit.
But wait! Don’t get me wrong. I am not graduating this year doesn’t I failed my subjects. NO. It’s just that I enrolled a course that requires 5 years to finish it. I know I’m too shallow. I know this is a childish act. Some will say “Even doctors stay in school longer than you”. Okay okay. I’m not a medical student. HAHAHA. It’s me okay? It’s just that.. I hate the feeling. There’s a part of me saying “Sana kasabay ko rin sila grumadweyt since kabatch ko naman sila” and the other says “ Ok lang yun at least double major ka naman. Next year will be your year.”
Good things happen for those who wait. I’ll wait…


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