Why I Married a Korean

Well said. People should learn not to judge someone right away. Generalizing has its place.

From Korea with Love

Every foreigner who is married to a Korean knows that multicultural marriage here is South Korea is not that easy, especially marriage between a Korean national and a Filipino. Everyday, you are faced with the challenge of “fitting in”, trying to understand and embrace a culture entirely different from yours. You have to learn and “perfect” your spouse’s language, because it’s the only way you can communicate with your in-laws. Most Korean parents-in-law won’t learn English, Filipino or whatever your native language is just to be able to talk to you, of course… and you can’t expect them to adjust to your culture. Sure they will respect you and your culture, but you will always be expected to act, speak, and do things the way a Korean daughter-in-law or son-in-law would. These challenges will come after you get married and live in Korea with your husband or wife, but right after the wedding, before coming to Korea, you will have…

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