It’s been a while since I don’t talk much about EXO. I don’t spazz and posts anything about them. But yeah don’t get me wrong I’m still an EXO stan and will forever be one. Some will eventually think “Sus hindi ka totoong EXO stan tinigil mo pag support dahil lang sa nangyari”. Okay I feel you. Well, think everything you want. IDC. I have my reasons. I don’t owe you any explanations for that after all. Anyway, I remember one time I’ve read a post by tumblr follower ranting her heart out about the Kris’ issue. She’s not on Kris’ side as usual. She said lets just accept the fact that Kris is leaving EXO and move on. Sa totoo lang hinahayaan ko lang ang mga gantong comments. Kanya kanyang kuro kuro at opinyon. One Korean girl even told me face to face that she’ll be even happier if Kris will be removed from the group. Kalma lang. Opinyon niya yun e. Less talk less mistake less argue. And then just now one follower tagged me on EXO Overdose performed in M!Countdown. Noong una ayoko talagang panuorin but twas really tempting. I watch the video. I was curious about the choreo and stuffs since they will be performing it together. I was satisfied. Pero nagsisisi ako kung bakit nagbasa pa ako ng comments. And this just pissed me off.  But yeah, opinions, opinions, opinions.



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