Things change..

When I was a kid, people always ask me what I would be like when I grow up. During that time, my friends and I would always play office-like scenario – kunwari may computer, nagpipirma-pirmahan, maraming sinusulat kunwari sa papel at iba. I thought being in an office would make lots of money and eventually make me big in the future. Came high school and nothing change much about my dream. But college made me think way different from before. I took business management. I got professors who literally have businesses outside the academe. Sabi nila wala daw yayaman sa pagiging emplayado. Well, I kind of agree with that statement. Pero sabi ko naman that time, malay ba natin kung dun masaya yung tao. Yun bang tinatawag nilang self-fulfilment.

Fourth year. I got my internship at two different companies. One was a government agency. When I first saw the workplace, naexcite ako, sabi ko saw akas maeexperience ko na rin kung paano magtrabaho sa opisina. My first week was all new to me. Pero dumating ang ikalawang lingo ko and little by little I got bored. My supervisor always asked me to logged incoming and outgoing documents from the director’s office and have them photocopied, encoded memos, brought documents to key persons and have it signed by them and the like. That was all I’ve done on my entire internship. It’s not like I did not learn anything. It’s just that, their work seem to be routinary. Walang bago. Hindi challenging. Walang excitement. Alam mo yung feeling na imbes na naeexcite ka pagdating sa trabaho kasi you feel like being challenge? Pero hindi e. Ang mafifeel mo sana hindi nalang dumating ang umaga para hindi ulit gagawin ang mga trabaho mo sa araw na yun.

Dun nabago ang pananaw ko sa pagtatrabaho sa opisina. I am definitely fitted to be a businesswoman rather than a corporate one. I think..



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